Melbourne Royal Show Community Group Performance Program

Expressions of interest are now open for the Community Performance Program at the 2024 Melbourne Royal Show. Following the success of the community group involvement in the 2023 Show, this year’s Show will feature daily 15-45 minute community group performances in the Showtime Kids Theatre.

The Community Performance Program will occur daily on all 11 Show days between Thursday 26 September and Sunday 6 October.

If you belong to a community performance group of any kind and would like the opportunity to strut your stuff at the Melbourne Royal Show, please read below for more details and complete the expression of interest form.

Performing in front of the large crowds at the Melbourne Royal Show will be a memorable highlight for your community group and is a great opportunity to showcase your brand to over 500,000 Show patrons.

Applications close on Monday 10th June 2024.



What does it cost to apply?

Application is absolutely free!

If we are selected, will we have to pay for entry into the Melbourne Royal Show?

No, the Melbourne Royal Show will provide all participants and minders with entry tickets.

Can we perform more than once?

Potentially – the daily performances will run for 15-45 minutes. A Community Group of sufficient size and with enough variety to perform for 30-45 minutes may be given a whole performance time. Alternatively, a combination of two smaller/shorter performance groups may be selected to perform within the same performance time on the same day.

You can apply to perform on as many days as suits you – the same routine can be performed each day because the audience will be different. When completing your application form let us know your preferred performance day/s and also indicate any other days that would suit you if you are given the opportunity to perform a second time.

We are a performance school - can we apply on behalf of several of our classes?

Yes, we encourage school involvement. In the past, groups have undertaken several days with different age ranges on different days, and different classes performing each day – so most of their school was given the opportunity to perform. Likewise, within each performance you can include different groups so long as there are no delays between each group performance. However, your group will only be allocated one 45 minute (maximum) performance time per day.

What time will the performances be?

The performance time is yet to be determined but most likely will be in the morning each day. Groups will need to arrive one hour before the start of their first performance and be clear of the changeroom within 30 minutes of the end of the performance (you’ll need to take all of your possessions/costumes/props etc. with you at that time) – so it’s a 2-hour commitment after which you are free to enjoy the rest of the Melbourne Royal Show.

What should our performance include?

Each performance is to be minimum 15 minutes/maximum 45 minutes and can include multiple performance pieces with multiple groups from your community. Think about your music, choreography and costuming selections carefully. Ideally your act can include a short break mid performance when our MC can interview a member of your group – this is an opportunity to promote your group and strut your stuff!
For groups with a 15-30 performance, we may elect to select two groups to each perform on the same day within the 30 minute performance time.

What equipment will be supplied?

We build a large covered indoor stage with full audio and lighting facilities. You’ll have a stage area of around 10m wide x 10m deep to work with. We will allow you 5-10 minutes to set up the stage prior to your performance. There will be audio playback facilities and up to 3 x microphones. Any additional production equipment requirements must be kept to a minimum.

Do I need to come in costume?

This is up to the performer. Each group will have access to a small change room space to prepare for your performance and leave limited belongings. Melbourne Royal will not take responsibility for the loss of personal property, so we strongly suggest that you don’t bring any valuables with you (or make sure you leave them with a family member or friend). Drinking water will also be provided.

How do we get to the Melbourne Royal Show?

It is recommended to catch a train to Melbourne Showgrounds station. Public transport is your best option and we will send you details on the best routes. Unfortunately we cannot provide any parking at Melbourne Showgrounds.

Will we be paid to perform?

No. All community group performers and minders will receive complimentary tickets to enter the Melbourne Royal Show for each day they come to perform. A limited number of additional tickets may be available on special request. In addition, each group will receive a $100 donation for the first day they perform and $50 donation for each subsequent performance day. (Note that your community group establishment must hold a current and valid ABN to be eligible to receive payments from Melbourne Royal.)

How will we qualify for selection?

We are looking for the best of the best! You’ll need to show us images of your amazing costumes, provide us with videos of your recent performances, provide a performance group of 10 (minimum) to 50 (maximum) performers per performance, ensure a ratio of one minder to every eight underage performers (and no more than the 1 to 8 ratio without prior approval from Melbourne Royal), maintain and provide us with your Public Liability Insurance details (to a minimum of $10 million unless approved otherwise by Melbourne Royal), and if selected sign the Melbourne Royal Performance Agreement (refer to the Agreement within this document).

How many community groups will be selected?

The Melbourne Royal Show presents only the very best. We require a minimum of one and up to two community groups each day. While no limit to the total number of groups has been set, it is likely that only a small number of high-quality groups will be selected to perform this year.

What materials do I need to support my entry?

1. A short biography, including a description of your performance.
2. Details of any achievements or previous high-profile performances.
3. At least one web link to a video recording of the applicant (the recording quality of any media submitted will not be taken into account).
4. At least one photo or costume sketch of the applicant.
5. A short statement or performance synopsis.

I have more questions – how can I get more information?

First read the Terms and Conditions attached to the Application Form (overleaf). If you still have questions, email

How do we apply?

Complete the application form on the webpage and make sure to include your videos and images. The cut-off date for all applications is 11pm Monday 10th June 2024.

When will we know if our application has been successful?

We aim to send out ‘Offers to Perform at the 2024 Melbourne Royal Show’ by Monday 1st July 2024.

Is it going to be fun?

You bet – there’s nothing like the Melbourne Royal Show!