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This innovative volunteering pathway mirrors our Corporate Volunteering Program, in that Community Groups volunteer together - but they also given an opportunity to promote their cause. Community Groups receive access to a commercial stand, at no charge, on a day following their shift.

Community Group volunteering offers a meaningful teamwork experience in an exciting environment; groups may work together to take on manning an entire area/gate for day.

These roles are made up of tasks that require little to no preparatory training, specialised skills or knowledge.

To be invited to participate as a Community Group Volunteering Program Partner, organizations must comply with the following definitions:

- Non-political,

- Non-religious,

- Not-for-profit,

- Community-based, and focused on community service, support or celebration.

Note: Community Group promotional stands can be used to champion causes and events, but not solicit donations or sell items.

For more information or to register your interest please contact us 



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