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Looking for a super boost to your day? Try some fresh and wholesome foods to keep your energy levels high! Head down to Eat Street inside the all new Showbag Pavilion where you'll find fruit smoothies and juices made from fresh ingredients and healthier options like avocado toasties and salads.

Look out for these food and drink options for a great stop for a mid-afternoon cleansing treat:

All Things Avo
Baked Potatoes & Soups
Berry Delicious | Fresh strawberries
Fresh Corn on the Cob
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
Refresher Juice Bar
Sushi Izu
Watermelon Stand

Looking for coffee?

Big Shot Espresso
Custom Brew | Espresso Bar

Vegan options in Eat Street

Corn on cob without butter from Fresh Corn on the Cob
Fries from Pasta Bar|
Sorbet from Fritz
Potato bravas without aioli from Spanish Paella
The fun guy burger Garden of Vegan burger from Mary Jane Burgers
Vegetarian hot dog (no cheese) from The Kaiser’s Sausages
Salads and hot chips from Fish & Chippery
Vegetable samosa spinach pakora lentil & rice pancakes (masala dosa)/vegetarian curry from Shiva Indian Cuisine
Pretzels from Pretzel Station
Ask for vegan ice cream from 196 Below
Pancakes from Dutch Poffjertjes
Vegan baked potato and soup options from Baked Potatoes & Soups
Ask for vegan sweets from Custom Brew
Ask for vegan smoothies, juices and smoothie bowls from Refresher Juice Bar
Jam Donuts from Traditional House made Donuts
Ask for vegan option from Honey Dee Loukoumades
Churros from Waffles on a Stick

Vegetarian options in Eat Street

Chips and wedges from Red Gum Roast
Corn on the cob from Fresh Corn on the Cob
Original Gozleme/Veggie Gozleme from Mama’s Gozleme
Taco/burrito/nachos/corn Chips from Taco Bar
Spag Napoli/Cheesy Spag/fries from Pasta Bar
Chips from 
Slider Bar
Vegetarian souvlaki from Mediterranean Kebabs
Potato Bravas from Spanish Paella
The Fun Guy Burger/Garden of Vegan Burger from Mary Jane Burgers
Vegetable spring roll/ samosa vegetable pad siew rice noodles/ steamed vegetable w/ satay from Spanthai
Vegetarian hot dog from The Kaiser’s Sausages
Salads/hot chips from 
Fish & Chippery
Veggies burger/wrap from The Schnitzel Republic
Falafel wrap/salad from 
The Greek Wrap Company
Vegetable samosa/spinach pakora/lentil & rice/ pancakes (masala dosa)/vegetarian curry from Shiva Indian Cuisine
Pretzels from Pretzel Station
Pancakes from 
Dutch Poffjertjes
Sorbet/ice-cream from 
Fritz Gelato
Poke bowls/sushi/salads/summer Rolls from 
Sushi Izu
Baked potato and soup options from Baked Potatoes & Soups 
Sandwiches/arepas/burrito/bagel from 
The Catering Company
Smoothies/juices/smoothie Bowls from
 Refresher Juice Bar
All donuts from All Day Donuts
All churros from Spanish Donuts
Jam donuts from
 Traditional Housemade Donuts
Loukamades from Honey Dee Loukoumades
Cheese toastie from 
Cheese Toastie Factory
Sweets from Big Shot Coffee and Custom Brew
Waffles/churros from Waffles on a Stick

Gluten free options

Fresh corn on the cob from Corn on Cob
Chips/fried chicken/sliders (no bun) from Slider Bar
Roast chicken ¼/potatoes/salads from BBQ Chicken
Kebabs without pita from Mediterranean Kebabs
Potato bravas/chicken & chorizo/paella/seafood paella from Spanish Paella
All batter chicken/beef patties/tofu/mushrooms/fries/ GF buns from Mary Jane Burgers
Low gluten (sausage plate) from The Kaiser’s Sausages
Grilled fish salads from Fish & Chippery
Salad from The Greek Wrap Company
Lentil & rice/ pancakes (masala dosa)/ butter chicken/ mango lassi from Shiva Indian Cuisine Crepes upon request from Crepes & Coffee
Gluten free options available from 196 Below
Cream & ice-cream from Berry Delicious
Sorbet/ice-cream from Fritz Gelato
Poke bowls/sushi/sashimi/nigri/summer rolls/salads from Sushi Izu
Baked potato and soup from Baked Potatoes & Soups
Smoothies/juices/smoothie bowls from Refresher Juice Bar
GF donuts from Spanish Donuts
Paletas may contain traces of gluten from El Paletero
Sundaes from Soi Soft Serve
All Ice creams from Mini Melts Ice Cream
Ask for gluten free sweets from Big Shot Coffee

For food and beverage dietary queries please contact us.


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