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22 Sept - 2 Oct 2018 Melbourne Showgrounds
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22 Sept - 2 Oct 2018 Melbourne Showgrounds

10 of the best: New showbags in 2017


This year over 70 all-new showbags have been added up to the line-up. From your favourite characters to the tastiest treats – here are 10 of the best to add to your list!

  1. Wonder Woman – On the back of the top-grossing film, everyone’s favourite heroine Wonder Woman is here in showbag form. Including towel, calico bag, coffee mug, a costume tiara and much more for only $28, we are sure this one will be popular.
  2. Captain Underpants – The First Epic movie will hit screens in September and to top it off, this year, the Captain himself is honoured with his own showbag. Including Tote bag, glasses, putty, sticker book and plenty of other tricks, get your hands on one for only $26.
  3. Jo Jo Bag – From the reality superstar of Dance Moms, comes the Jo Jo bag with backpack, purse, nail polish, lip gloss, secret diary and more for only $28.
  4. You wanna taste the rainbow? The Skittles family bag will have everyone diving into the delicious tasty treats with fun size Skittles, Skittles sours and a fruits share bag. Only $20.
  5. Rick & Morty – The popular sci-fi animated sitcom, Rick and Morty has taken the world by storm and now, their showbag will do the same – with backpack, cap, ear buds, yo-yo, t-Shirt transfer and more, its great value at only $26.
  6. Dr Seuss – From the creator of some of the most popular children’s books every written, comes the Dr Seuss showbag with top hot, bag, plate set, library bag, wooden puzzle and the classic books – Green Eggs and Ham and the Cat in the Hat – A must for the littlies at $26
  7. Emoji – Say it with a smiley face, with the Emoji showbag for $28– including bag, slippers, pencil case, cap, selfie props, memo board and much more.
  8. Jurassic World – For the dino-fan in your family – the Jurassic World bag ($28) including backpack, cap, dink bottle, projector torch and a choice of Jurrasic world plush toy, plus more!
  9. Peter Rabbit – The classic children’s character comes to life with a backpack, wooden puzzle garden set, stickers, plush and more in this adorable bag ($26)
  10. Star Trek – Trekkies will be rushing to get their hands on this collectable ($28)– including t-shirt, hi-top socks, can cooler, drink bottle and more.
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