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Australia is the largest producer of wool in the world, with millions of sheep shorn across the country every year!

The woolliest blue ribbon all-stars will compete for glory in The Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion from Saturday 23 – Monday 25 September.

Look out for this year’s sheep feature breed, the Hampshire Down, an old heritage breed dating back to 1861, with a rich dark brown face and matching feet. Can you spot one?

To get even closer to sheep of all breeds and sizes, cuddle a lamb in the Animal Nursery, try your hand at shearing a sheep in The Farmhouse or stop by The Animal Farmyard in the middle of the Show to see sheep in their paddocks as they would be at home.


Saturday 23 - Monday 25 September
The Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion


  • The Animal Farmyard
  • The Farmhouse
  • Animal Nursery


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