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One of the most intelligent animals in the world, pigs are omnivores that use their excellent sense of smell to scout food around them.  

If you want to get up close to the snuffly pigs, make sure you visit the Biostime Animal Nursery to pet, cuddle and feed the piglets. 

To learn more about pigs and perhaps chat about the estimated two billion of them on the planet, head to The First National Real Estate Animal Farmyard, where you will be able to discuss about all things swine with some expert farmers.  


Biostime Animal Nursery

First National Real Estate Farmyard

The Livestock Pavilion

All about Pigs with Farmer Darryl

First National Real Estate Animal Farmyard

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12:30pm Daily

Want to learn about the cuttest animals in The First National Real Estate Animal Farmyard? Farmer Darryl is here to cure your pig and piglet curiosity and answer any questions you have about the life of pigs on a farm.

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