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Presenting Australia’s Most Highly Skilled Horses and Riders

From the athleticism and excitement of the showjumping to the grace of the lovable Clydesdales, and the majesty of the Equestrian Turnouts, the Horses in Action Program features the nation’s best horses and riders as they strive for blue ribbon glory.

Featuring the iconic Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout and the prestigious FEI World Cup Qualifier, the Horses in Action Competition combines great tradition with an array of classes that showcase the most experienced rider and the up-and-coming equine superstars.

Head to Horses in Action to see the grace, agility, precision and poise of the horses and their riders. With a variety of different equestrian events across the Show, the excitement is unforgettable.

When and Where to Find Horses

This year the Main Arena will be all horses all the time as it becomes the dedicated arena for our Horses In Action competitions.

  • Saddle Ponies & Junior Riding Wednesday 21 September (Pre-Show)
  • Stock Horses Thursday 22 September
  • Pony Turnouts & Open ponies Thursday 22 & Friday 23 September
  • Saddle (over 14 Hands) Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 September
  • Equestrienne Turnouts & Riding Monday 26 September
  • Show Jumping Tuesday 27 September & Friday 30 September
  • Led Clydesdales Wednesday 28 September
  • World Cup Jumping Friday 30 September
  • Hunting Horses Saturday 1 October (PM) & Sunday 2 October
  • Harness (Heavy & Light) Saturday 1 October & Sunday 2 October (AM)
  • Sporting Horses (Australian Championships) Sunday 2 October
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